Arrow and dart trap

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^ arrow trap Arrow trap.png
Generates Anywhere
Effect Fires arrows
^ dart trap Dart trap.png
Generates Anywhere
Effect Fires darts

The arrow trap and dart trap are two similar traps that can fire projectiles.


Both traps can be generated on almost any level.

On the Ranger quest, there are 2 guaranteed arrow traps on the home level and 2 more guaranteed on the locate level.

Dart traps are guaranteed on the following special levels:


Arrow traps fire arrows at you or whoever else steps on them, which generally do 1d6 damage.

Dart traps fire darts that generally deal 1d3 damage, and have a 1 in 5 chance of being poisoned. The poison can potentially cause an instadeath to characters without poison resistance.

Each time you or a monster triggers one of these traps, there is a 115 chance that the trap will disappear. Any projectile that hits you or a monster is guaranteed to be lost. [1] [2] [3] [4]


Use the #untrap command, or trigger it repeatedly until it runs out of projectiles.

While standing on or adjacent to the square with the trap, successfully untrapping an arrow or dart trap will yield a large supply of projectiles (50 − rnl(50))[5]. The average number of projectiles you obtain by disarming is dependent on luck, but is higher than the average number you obtain by stepping on the trap until it disappears.


These traps can be a useful source of projectiles. However there is a risk of being hit by a projectile and suffering damage. Dart traps in particular are dangerous to adventurers lacking poison resistance.


Both arrow and dart traps were introduced in Hack 1.0.


<An arrow/A little dart> shoots out at you!
You triggered an arrow or dart trap.
<monster> is hit by <an arrow/a dart>!
A monster triggered an arrow or dart trap.
You hear a loud click!
The arrow trap was out of arrows and is now gone.
You hear a soft click.
The dart trap was out of darts and is now gone.
<monster> triggers a trap but nothing happens.
The trap was out of projectiles and is now gone.


Dart and arrow traps generate with 15+1d20 ammo. Ammo that comes out of a launcher trap is stored as one stack, so its ammo will all be identical and you will get the same amount of items from it whether you repeatedly trigger it or untrap it.

Poison darts from traps deal Con damage 60% of the time and higher HP damage when they don't deal Con damage. However, poison dart traps don't appear until depth 7.

When disarming a trap that shoots ammo (e.g. a dart trap), the ammo is placed into your inventory instead of on the floor.


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