Ring mail

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Appearance ring mail
Slot body armor
AC 3
Base price 100 zm
Weight 250
Material iron

Ring mail is a type of body armor that grants a base AC bonus of 3 and magic cancellation 1. This is the same as studded leather armor, which is generally preferred because it is lighter, less expensive, and does not interfere with spellcasting.

Knights enter the dungeon with a +1 ring mail.


Ring mail became MC1 in NetHack 3.6.0. In variants (such as SLASH'EM) based on older versions, it may have an MC of 0.


Ring mail is a standard type of armor in Dungeons & Dragons and games and media inspired by it, but it is unclear if it ever existed as portrayed in D&D. There is no record of the term being used before the 19th century, when it was described to describe an armor composed of metal rings, not interlinked as in true mail (chain mail in D&D and NetHack), but stitched to a leather or cloth base. In this respect it might be considered a more involved form of studded leather armor.

There are no known examples of authentic ring mail, only speculative interpretations of medieval artwork and historical accounts.