Banded mail

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Appearance banded mail
Slot body armor
AC 6
Base price 90 zm
Weight 350
Material iron

Banded mail is a type of body armor. It is a slight upgrade from splint mail: both armors have a base AC bonus of 6, but banded mail weighs 50 units less and is worth slightly more. The next step up is plate mail.


Banded mail had a magic cancellation of 0 before NetHack 3.6.0. It may still have an MC of 0 in variants based on 3.4.3 or older versions.


Banded mail is a standard type of armor in Dungeons & Dragons and games and media inspired by it, but it is unclear if it ever existed as portrayed in D&D. There is no record of the term being used before the 19th century, and descriptions are inconsistent: it may be a type of plate mail made of horizontal bands of metal, or a chain mail reinforced with bands of leather woven into the links.

The first description of banded mail resembles laminar armor, which was historically used in ancient Rome (as lorica segmentata) and Central Asia. The second description is based mainly on speculation and medieval manuscripts and artwork. There are no known examples of mail with interwoven leather strips, but it is possible that some chain mail once contained leather components that were later lost.

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