Scale mail

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Appearance scale mail
Slot body armor
AC 4
Base price 45 zm
Weight 250
Material iron
For armor made out of dragon scales, see dragon scale mail.

Scale mail is a form of body armor. It has the same weight as a ring mail, but has a base AC bonus of 4 instead of 3. Nevertheless, both compare poorly with mithril-coats.


Scale mail became MC1 in NetHack 3.6.0. In variants (such as SLASH'EM) based on older versions, it may have an MC of 0.


Scale mail is so called because it is made up of small scales fastened to a cloth or leather backing. The scales may be made of metal or other hard materials like boiled leather or animal horn. A related form of armor is "lamellar armor", which has scales stitched together without any need for a backing. Both types were made and worn by many cultures, especially in Asia.