Leather cloak

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[   leather cloak   Leather cloak.png
Appearance leather cloak
Slot cloak
AC 1
Base price 40 zm
Weight 15
Material leather

A leather cloak provides MC1 and one point of AC, but has no special abilities. They are often generated on mercenaries as part of their starting inventory.


This cloak is strictly superior to the more common dwarvish and orcish cloaks, which provide the same MC but no AC. Any type of magical cloak, including the fairly common elven cloak, will still be superior to this, providing the same or better AC and MC, plus some special abilities.


Despite its mundane nature, the leather cloak is actually a relatively recent addition to the game, having been introduced along with the touchstone in NetHack 3.4.0. The buglist indicates that it resolves the incongruity of human soldiers being generated with elven cloaks.


The leather cloak appears in the inventory of the Binder role originating from dNetHack that is also present in SLASH'EM Extended.


Since dwarvish and orcish cloaks have been buffed to MC2, almost any cloak is preferable to this one: higher magic cancellation is well worth a point of AC. The only exception might be for a character who already has MC 2 or MC 3, perhaps from a cornuthaum (MC2 in slash'em) or mithril-coat (MC3 in slash'em), in which case the leather cloak may be preferable.