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A cultist, @, is a Infidel quest guardian in EvilHack and Hack'EM. They have fire resistance as player Infidels do.


Eight cultists are generated on the home level of the Infidel quest, stationed within the hidden temple at level creation.

A cultist will generate with either a dagger (23 chance) or a knife (13 chance), along with a 45 chance of either a jacket (23 chance) or a cloak (13 chance), a 23 chance of either low boots (23 chance) or high boots (13 chance), and a 23 chance of a potion of healing.

Encyclopedia entry

We must especially observe that this heresy, witchcraft, not only
differs from all other heresy in this, that not merely by a tacit
compact, but by a compact which is exactly defined and expressed
it blasphemes the Creator and endeavours to the utmost to profane Him
and to harm His creatures, for all other simple heresies have made
no open compact with the devil, no compact, that is, either tacit
or exactly expressed, although their errors and misbelief are directly
to be attributed to the Father of errors and lies. Moreover,
maleficium (witchcraft) differs from all other harmful and mysterious
arts in this point, that of all superstition it is essentially
the vilest, the most evil and the worst, wherefore it derives its name
from doing evil, and from blaspheming the true faith.
[ The Malleus Maleficarum, translated by Montague Summers ]