Potion of healing

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! Pink potion.png
Name healing
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 20
Monster use May be used defensively by monsters.

As the name suggests, a potion of healing can heal you.


Intelligent monsters know how to use these, and may get one as a defensive item. Shopkeepers have a separate chance to get one when they are generated.


When quaffed, a blessed potion of healing will heal you for 8d4 HP, uncursed for 6d4, and cursed for 4d4. When quaffing a blessed or uncursed potion, if you would gain more HP than your maximum, your maximum HP will increase by 1. Quaffing this potion exercises constitution. If blessed, it will also cure sickness. Both blessed and uncursed potions will cure blindness.

Inhaling vapors (of potion of any beatitude) will heal you 1 HP, up to your maximum, and exercise constitution. If you're polymorphed, the health of your base form is adjusted as well. [1]

In alchemy a potion of healing can be combined with gain level, gain energy or potion of speed to get extra healing.

Dipping a poisoned weapon into healing will remove the poison.

You can throw or hit this potion at Pestilence to deal damage to him.


Using the potion of healing to heal yourself in an emergency is useful in the early game. However, spellcasters are better off using the healing spell in such situations.

Later in the game, the potion of healing does not provide enough HP to be useful. They should be alchemically converted into potions of extra healing (and then to potions of full healing) whenever possible.


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