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There are several messages starting with You feel:

The following are associated with an intrinsic:

Aggravate monster

  • You feel that monsters are aware of your presence (a nearby monster has just cast the aggravate monster spell)
  • You feel that eating (creature) was a bad idea. (Gained the intrinsic by eating a domestic creature)
  • You feel less attractive (you lost the intrinsic due to a gremlin attack)

Disintegration resistance

  • You feel very firm
  • You feel totally together, man (hallucinating)


  • You feel sensitive!
  • You feel less sensitive! (lost intrinsic)

Poison resistance

  • You feel healthy (acquired poison resistance)
  • You feel especially healthy (acquired intrinsic poison resistance while protected from poison by a ring, some other object or intrinsic gained by level experience)
  • You feel hardy! (reaching XL 20 as a Tourist)
  • You feel a little sick! (lost intrinsic)

Fire resistance

  • You feel a momentary chill. (gained intrinsic from monster corpse)
  • You be chillin. (hallucinating)
  • You feel cool! (reaching XL 11 as Monk or XL 20 as Priest)
  • You feel warmer. (intrinsic stolen by gremlin)
  • You feel warmer! (lost intrinsic due to level drain)
  • You are uninjured. (stepped on a fire trap with fire resistance)
  • You don't feel hot! (hit by a ray of fire (e.g. hell hound, wand of fire) with fire resistance)
  • The fire doesn't feel hot! (hit by monster's melee fire attack (e.g. fire ant) with fire resistance)
  • You feel rather warm. (zapped yourself with a wand of fire or fire horn with fire resistance)
  • You feel mildly warm. (suffered a passive fire attack (e.g. red mold) with fire resistance)
  • You feel mildly hot. (monster engulfing you tried to do fire damage (e.g. steam vortex) but you have fire resistance)
  • You're enveloped in flames. But you resist the effects. (hit by monster fire spell (i.e. fire vampire in SLASH'EM) with fire resistance)
  • It seems quite tasty. (quaffed scalding hot water from a sink with fire resistance)
  • You are hit by molten lava. (a nearby boulder falling into lava splashes you, but you have fire resistance. Without resistance this message has an exclamation mark instead)
  • Oh look, what a pretty fire in your <hands>. (read a scroll of fire while confused and you have fire resistance)
    • You feel a pleasant warmth in your <hands>. (same, but you are blind)
  • You aren't hurt! (Something in your inventory being destroyed (e.g. wand destroyed by lightning) does fire damage, but you have fire resistance)

Cold resistance

  • You feel full of hot air. (gained intrinsic)
  • You feel warm! (reaching XL 13 as monk)
  • You feel cooler. (intrinsic stolen by gremlin)
  • You feel cooler! (lost intrinsic by being drained below level 13 as monk)
  • You duck some of the blast. (Hit by cold explosion attack (i.e. freezing sphere) while you have cold resistance)
  • You don't feel cold. (Hit by a ray of cold (e.g. winter wolf, wand of cold) with cold resistance)
  • The frost doesn't seem cold! (Hit by monster's melee cold attack (e.g. lich touch) with cold resistance)
  • You feel a little chill. (Zapped yourself with a wand of cold, frost horn or cone of cold spell with cold resistance)
  • You feel a mild chill. (Suffered a passive cold attack (e.g. blue jelly) with cold resistance)
  • You feel mildly chilly. (Monster engulfing you tried to deal cold damage (i.e. ice vortex) but you have cold resistance)
  • You're covered in frost. But you resist the effects. (Hit by monster cold spell (i.e. Asmodeus) with cold resistance)

Sleep resistance

  • You feel wide awake
  • You feel awake! (reaching XL 4 as an elf)
  • You feel tired! (lost intrinsic; not to be confused with "You feel tired." from a Magic trap that has no effect)

Shock resistance

  • Your health currently feels amplified!
  • You feel grounded in reality (hallucinating)
  • You feel insulated! (reaching XL 15 as a Monk)
  • You feel conductive! (level drain loss)
  • You feel a mild tingle. (when shocked while resistant)


  • You feel hidden! (ate a stalker corpse while temporarily invisible, and became permanently invisible)

See invisible

Quaffing from a fountain

  • You see an image of someone stalking you. (non-blind)
  • You feel transparent (blind, visible)
  • You feel very self-conscious (blind, invisible)

Sitting on a throne

  • Your vision becomes clear

Intrinsic lost messages

  • You thought you saw something! (normal)
  • You tawt you taw a puttie tat! (hallucinating)


  • You feel vulnerable (lost intrinsic)


  • You feel perceptive!


  • You feel quick!
  • You feel slow! (level drain loss)


  • You feel very jumpy
  • You feel diffuse (hallucinating)
  • You feel less jumpy (lost intrinsic)

Teleport control

  • You feel in control of yourself
  • You feel centered in your personal space (hallucinating)
  • You feel less jumpy (lost intrinsic)


  • You feel in touch with the cosmos (hallucinating)
  • You feel a strange mental acuity

The following are associated with attributes and player traits:


  • You feel strong! You must have been exercising.
  • You feel very strong!
    • You feel weak! You must have been abusing your body.


  • You feel agile! You must have been working on your reflexes.
    • You feel clumsy! You haven't been working on reflexes lately.


  • You feel tough! You must be leading a healthy life-style.
    • You feel fragile! You haven't been watching your health.


  • You feel wise! You must have been very observant.
    • You feel foolish! You haven't been paying attention.


  • You feel smart!
    • You feel stupid!


  • You feel charismatic!
    • You feel repulsive!


  • You feel more confident in your weapon skills. (You practiced a weapon skill enough and can now enhance it.)
  • You feel more confident in your spell casting skills. (You practiced a spellcasting skill enough and can now enhance it.)
  • You feel more confident in your fighting skills. (You practiced bare-handed combat, two-weapon combat or riding skill enough and can now enhance it.)
  • You feel more confident in your skills. (You gained a skill slot, usually by gaining a level, and can now enhance a skill.)
  • You feel you could be more dangerous! (After enhancing a skill, you can enhance skills further.)


  • You feel less confused now (No longer confused)
  • You feel a bit steadier now (No longer stunned)
  • You feel less trippy now (No longer confused, while hallucinating)
  • You feel less wobbly now (No longer stunned, while hallucinating)
  • You feel deathly sick. (You have contracted sickness from food poisoning or illness)
  • You feel sick. (You narrowly avoided sickness from Food poisoning)
  • You feel even worse. (Hit by a sickness attack when already sick, and your time to live is more than half of its old value)
  • You feel much worse. (Hit by a sickness attack when already sick, and your time to live is less than half of its old value)
  • You feel somewhat better.(Sickness timeout increased, but still sick)
    • What a relief! (Sickness completely cured)
  • You are feeling mildly nauseated. (Nauseated from eating a tripe ration while a non-orc, or a cursed tin, or a rotten egg.)
  • You feel slightly confused. (Confused and/or stunned due to nausea)
  • You feel much less nauseated now. (Vomited and are no longer nauseated after eating a tripe ration, rotten food, or cursed tin)
  • You feel rather itchy under your mummy wrapping. (Attempted to become invisible while wearing a mummy wrapping)
  • You feel like a glutton! (You are a knight, and ate while Satiated. Gluttony is unchivalrous.)
  • You feel limber! (No longer being slowly petrified)
  • You feel a change coming over you. (You are polymorphing from a eating a chameleon or doppelganger corpse, or stepping on a polymorph trap)
  • You feel rather <monster>-ish. (You tried to polymorph into a monster form that has been genocided)
  • You feel in good health again. (A prayer just restored one or more attributes that had been lowered by e.g. eating a poisoned corpse)

The following are associated with dungeon features:

  • You feel an unexpected draft (Hole has been opened in wall)
  • You feel sluggish (Stepped on an anti-magic field while magic-resistant, and lost less than 1/4 of your HP)
  • You feel momentarily lethargic (As above, before NetHack 3.6.0)
  • You feel very lethargic (Stepped on an anti-magic field while magic-resistant, and lost at least 1/4 of your HP)
  • You feel unbearably torpid! (Stepped on an anti-magic field while magic-resistant and were killed by the implosion)
  • You feel rankled (You triggered a magic trap, which summoned monsters around you and hit you with magic vibrations while you are blind and deaf)
  • You feel tired (One of the odd feelings from a magic trap)
  • You feel [oddly] like the prodigal son (One of the odd feelings from a magic trap on the quest home level, 'oddly' if you are female.)
  • You feel more claustrophobic than before (In a shop while a shop wall repairs itself, without seeing it happen)
  • You feel momentarily different (Stepped on a polymorph trap but was unaffected)
  • You feel like a new man/woman/elf/etc. (Stepped on a polymorph trap and polymorphed to your own race)
  • You feel a wrenching sensation (Stepped on a teleport trap while magic resistant, or throne teleport)
  • You feel a sudden chill (Quaffed or dipped into a fountain but no special effect triggered)
  • You feel greedy (You read a scroll of gold detection and found gold on the level, or read the cursed scroll while confused and found gold or traps)
  • You feel you are thoroughly on the right path (Sacrificed a differently-aligned unicorn at a co-aligned altar when alignment was at maximum)
  • You feel a strange sensation. (You sat on a throne, which tried to vanish your money, but you have no money in your open inventory to lose.)
  • You feel much, much better! (You sat on a throne, which fully restored your HP, possibly increased your maximum HP and cured blinding, sickness and wounded legs.)
  • You feel your luck is changing. (You sat on a throne, which increased your luck by 1. Note that if your natural luck is high enough, guaranteed if positive, this effect is replaced with a wish.)
  • You feel threatened. (You sat on a throne, which aggravated monsters.)
  • You feel somehow out of place... (You sat on a throne, with no effect.)
  • You feel very comfortable here. (You sat on a throne as a queen bee, gnome king, dwarf king or ogre king, with no effect.)

The following are associated with items or monsters:

The following are associated with foocubus encounters:

  • You feel good enough to do it again.
  • You feel restored to health.
  • You feel raised to your full potential.
  • You feel down in the dumps.
  • You feel exhausted.
  • You feel drained of energy.
  • You feel out of shape.


  • You feel dead inside. You genocided your original race or role while polymorphed into another.
  • You feel disoriented for a moment. Your teleport or branchport failed. Frequently caused by the Amulet of Yendor.


These messages are generated by means of the text output function You_feel in pline.c.


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