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A dwarf king, h, is a type of monster that appears in NetHack. A dwarf king is a humanoid monster that is the strongest type of dwarf, possessing infravision and the ability to tunnel with a digging tool like other dwarves. A dwarf king has two weapon attacks.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Dwarf kings are now known as dwarf rulers, with "king" and "queen" being gendered titles.


Randomly-generated dwarf kings are always peaceful towards dwarven and gnomish characters, and will mostly be peaceful towards other lawful characters. Dwarf kings do not appear in Gehennom due to being lawful. A dwarf lord can grow up into a dwarf king.

In addition to random generation, a dwarf king may appear as the random h that is generated on level creation for each of the filler levels in the Gnomish Mines. A dwarf king may also be one of the monsters generated in a throne room as the occupant of the throne.

A dwarf king can be generated with each of the following items:[1]

As overlords, dwarf kings will always generate with armor of at least +0 and weapons (but not tools) that are at least +1.


Dwarf kings have two weapon attacks, which makes them quite deadly when wielding a dwarvish mattock, and they can have excellent AC from their starting armor.

Since dwarf kings and mind flayers share the same glyph, you should use far look to correctly identify any h, especially at lower dungeon levels, or in the Gnomish Mines where the random h generated on level creation monster can be a mind flayer.


The dwarf king first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.


Some variants grant dwarf kings and other monsters AC bonuses for wearing racial equipment, and may additionally generate them with a potion of booze. They may also make adjustments so that female counterparts to the dwarf king are properly named and generated.


In SLASH'EM, the Gnomish Mines replaces dwarf kings with hostile war orcs at level creation with the exception of bones, so that player dwarves and gnomes will have to deal with hostile monsters like other races[2] - this does not occur in practice, since dwarf kings are never specified for generation when creating any of the Mines levels.


In GruntHack, dwarf kings are replaced by racial monster kings and queens, which dwarves are eligible to generate as.


In UnNetHack, dwarf kings generated outside of the Gnomish Mines have a 67 chance of being generated with a potion of booze.


In dNetHack, the dwarf queen of dNetHack is a distinct monster from the dwarf king, rather than an otherwise-identical monster of a different gender - dwarf clerics will grow up into dwarf queens.

A dwarf king may appear as the ruler of a throne room - his court can contain dwarf lords, dwarf clerics, dwarves, gnomes, gnome lords, gnome ladies, gnomish wizards, hobbits, and leprechauns.

Dwarf kings that are randomly generated outside of the Gnomish Mines are always generated with a potion of booze.


In xNetHack, the monster is known as a dwarf ruler. Dwarf rulers that generate with dwarvish ring mail have an increased chance of it being made of mithril, which makes it behave similarly to the dwarvish mithril-coat of NetHack.


In EvilHack, the monster is referred to as a dwarf royal, and dwarf royals gain +1 bonus AC for each piece of worn dwarven armor.


In Hack'EM, the monster is also known as a dwarf royal as in EvilHack, and dwarf royals gain +1 bonus AC for each piece of worn dwarven armor. Dwarf royals generated outside of the Gnomish Mines have a 67 chance of being generated with a potion of booze, as in UnNetHack.

Encyclopedia entry

Dwarfs have faces like men (ugly men, with wrinkled, leathery skins), but are generally either flat-footed, duck-footed, or have feet pointing backwards. They are of the earth, earthy, living in the darkest of caverns and venturing forth only with the cloaks by which they can make themselves invisible, and others disguised as toads. Miners often come across them, and sometimes establish reasonably close relations with them.... The miners of Cornwall were always delighted to hear a bucca busily mining away, for all dwarfs have an infallible nose for precious metals.
Among other things, dwarfs are rightly valued for their skill as blacksmiths and jewellers: they made Odin his famous spear Gungnir, and Thor his hammer; for Freya they designed a magnificent necklace, and for Frey a golden boar. And in their spare time they are excellent bakers. Ironically, despite their odd feet, they are particularly fond of dancing. They can also see into the future, and consequently are excellent meteorologists. They can be free with presents to people they like, and a dwarvish gift is likely to turn to gold in the hand. But on the whole they are a snappish lot.

[ The Immortals, by Derek and Julia Parker ]