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^ teleportation trap Teleportation trap.png
Generates Anywhere except non-teleport levels
Effect Teleport within the level

The teleportation trap is a trap that can teleport you to a different location on the map.


Teleportation traps can be generated almost anywhere except non-teleport levels.

Special "vault teleporters" are sometimes generated in a closet behind an ad aerarium engraving. However, such closets might have a level teleporter instead.


These traps can affect you[1][2] or a monster[3][4].

The destination is a random point on the current level, unless it is a vault teleporter, in which case you are teleported to the vault.

Magic resistance will prevent you from being teleported. If you want to use the teleporter (for instance, to enter a vault), you may use ctrl + t to take the teleporter despite magic resistance. A vault teleporter will give you a warning before triggering. If one of the squares in the vault is occupied by a monster or a trap (including the portal to Fort Ludios) or is otherwise unsafe, the vault teleport may fail, in which case the trap will act as an ordinary teleport trap, albeit single-use.[5]


To avoid unintentionally levelporting, you should not blindly walk into a closet without identifying the trap first.


Dig a pit on the same square and fill it with a boulder. If the trap is located behind an ad aerarium engraving, it will disappear after successfully teleporting the player. Monsters cannot use it up.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Teleportation traps can be removed by zapping them with the spell or wand of cancellation. The trap will explode for 23 to 38 damage.


You jump onto the teleportation trap.
You used ctrl + t to trigger a teleport trap.
This is a vault teleport, usable once only. Jump in? [yn]
As above, but for a vault teleport trap and you have a chance to refuse.
You feel a wrenching sensation.
Magic resistance prevented you from being teleported.
<monster> seems disoriented.
A monster teleported and you saw it reach its destination.
<monster> suddenly disappears!
A monster teleported and you did not see it reach its destination.
Suddenly the rolling boulder disappears!
A boulder rolled onto a teleport trap and teleported away.
You hear a rumbling stop abruptly.
As above, but you could not see the boulder.