Escape spells

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See also escape item.

Escape spells allow you to evade the denizens of the Mazes of Menace.

The following roles can gain skills in the Escape school:

Escape spells
Max Role
Role Skill
Barbarian Basic
Monk Skilled
Rogue Skilled
Ranger Basic
Tourist Skilled
Valkyrie Basic
Wizard Expert

The following spellbooks will teach you escape spells:

Spellbook Spell level Direction Relative probability Probability conditional on price Actions to read Skill changes
Spellbook of jumping 1 non-directional 2.03% 7.0% 5 BSE
Spellbook of haste self 3 non-directional 3.36% 14.2% 10 S
Spellbook of invisibility 4 non-directional 2.54% 20.8% 17
Spellbook of levitation 4 non-directional 2.03% 16.7% 14 S
Spellbook of teleport away 6 beam 1.52% 29.4% 38