Stick of dynamite

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) Stick of dynamite.png
Name stick of dynamite
Appearance red stick
Damage vs. small 6d6 fire explosion
Damage vs. large 6d6 fire explosion
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill none
Size one-handed
Base price 150 zm
Weight 30
Material plastic

A stick of dynamite is an item that appears in SLASH'EM, dNetHack and SlashTHEM. It is a stackable explosive weapon that can be armed and thrown similar to a grenade. It is made of plastic, and appears as a red stick when unidentified.

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In SLASH'EM, sticks of dynamite are never randomly generated, though they can be wished for.

In dNetHack, dwarven Anachrononauts start with 15 sticks of dynamite.

In SlashTHEM, sticks of dynamite are sold in firearms shops.


You can arm a stick of dynamite by applying it, with the length of time that the fuse burns dependent on the stick's beatitude:

  • Blessed: 15 turns
  • Uncursed: d10+9 turns
  • Cursed: d15+1 turns

When armed, it gives off a radius-2 light, similar to a lit potion of oil, attempting to arm a stack of dynamite will only arm one of them, which is assigned a new inventory letter. Dynamite fuses burn longer compared to grenades, and cursed sticks of dynamite cannot be "duds" like cursed grenades.


A stick of dynamite will explode in a fireball, dealing 6d6 damage to monsters caught in the blast, and will attempt to destroy walls and create pits in a 3x3 square centered on the exploding dynamite, somewhat similar to a broken wand of digging. Undiggable walls are unaffected, but pits will still be created on levels with undiggable floors.

Unarmed sticks of dynamite in your inventory are never affected by explosions, but unarmed sticks on the ground will be detonated by explosions from any source, which can increase the radius of both the stick's fireball and its pit creation (although not its damage). Pits will not be created behind the squares of walls that were destroyed, and the explosion "fans out" in a realistic manner, destroying one layer of walls in its path.

Peaceful monsters can distinguish whether or not you were responsible for a stick of dynamite exploding: they will be angered if an explosion you caused hits them, but not if the trigger was a monster, e.g. a soldier throwing grenades. However, an explosion that damages a shop's walls will anger the shopkeeper, regardless of whether or not you caused that explosion (and even if they owned the exploding stick of dynamite).


Sticks of dynamite can be considered more powerful versions of grenades, but their longer fuses make them very unreliable to use without careful planning (as monsters can simply walk out of the blast range). Most SLASH'EM players will not see a stick of dynamite and will generally not waste a wish on one outside of wizard mode, where some may detonate a large stack in the center of Minetown or the Mall for amusing results.