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The Android is an Anachrononaut with race Clockwork Automation and it plays out like its own class.

Starting Package

The Android Anachrononaut begins play with either leather jacket or a black dress, leather gloves, high boots, and an android visor. Offensively they have a either a white or black vibrosword and a large axe.

Supplemental Weapons

In addition to the starting equipment, a large number of additional weapons are scattered across the Dungeons of Doom. All supplemental weapons are fully identified and never have negative enchantment.

  • Vibroweapons
    • A white vibrospear
    • A white vibrozanbato
    • A black (gold-bladed) vibrospear
    • A black (gold-bladed) vibrozanbato
    • A red-eyed vibrosword
  • Force weapons
    • A force pike
    • A double force-blade
    • A force blade/force whip
  • Unusual weapons
    • A gigantic two-handed sword
    • A large silver short sword
    • A large silver two-handed sword
    • A large silver spear
    • A large metallic shocking two-handed sword
    • A metallic shocking spear
    • A metallic shocking long sword
    • A metallic saber
    • An metallic axiomatic katana
    • A flaying rapier
    • A flaying glaive

In addition, a loyal android or gynoid pet will be located somewhere in the dungeon, equipped with the complementary set of starting equipment.


Androids gain intrinsics at these experience levels:

Racial benefits and restrictions

  • Androids do not breathe
  • Androids do not eat and also do not need winding like other Clockwork characters. Instead they must sleep to recover.
  • Androids do not recover HP or MP normally.
  • Androids innately know the charges in wands and tools that have charges.
  • Androids have very high Constitution and will therefore have much higher average hit points than other Anachornauts.
  • Androids have naturally high armor class and damage reduction.
  • Androids cannot use "lightsaber forms" although they may still reach expert in saber.
  • Androids get Accelerated skill slots -- 1.5x the amount of skill slots compared to other races (same as human)
  • Androids are "weldproof" and so can use cursed weapons and try on gear without fear.
  • Androids can throw anything and have it return to their hand, similar to Mjollnir. The Annulus can be used to devastating effect over great distances, especially if highly enchanted and converted to a double-bladed lightsaber.
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Android 18/02 22 22 18 16 18

Android Active Abilities

One of the most important aspects of the Android is the #monster extended command.

  • Sleep and regenerate: This is on a random timeout of around 1,000 turns and regains HP and energy.
    • Be careful using it as you will be immobilized, as is normal with sleep effects.
    • If you are interrupted it still counts as using the ability so you will need to wait for the next reset of the timeout.
    • If you don't sleep you will eventually become fatigued. After 3000 turns, you will get the message "You feel fatigued" (if you are above 10 pw). This will begin to drain power slowly. If you go below 10 pw while fatigued, you get the message "You feel extremely fatigued".
    • Once you hit no power, you get the message "You feel like you are about to pass out." At the start of any turn where you have 0 energy, your system may force a "sleep mode" to recover, so be careful of that. The per-turn odds of this occurring are 1/your level.
  • Emergency speed: This increases movement speed greatly. It costs 1 energy per turn of movement, which is several moves. Any non-move action turns it off.
  • Recharger: This costs 10 energy and acts as an uncursed scroll of charging.
  • Combo: This is used to deliver an attack and its effects vary depending on the wielded weapons. It is not usable if you are wielding 2 weapons at once, but a shield is allowed with a one-handed weapon. Each level of skill in your wielded weapon unlocks one step in the combo, and the ability costs 1 energy per step used (therefore, it's good to cancel out of the combo if the target dies).
    • Unarmed combo: 1) attack twice, 2) kick once, 3) jump, then kick once, 4) jump, then attack twice and kick twice. 5) "Finishing blow": 16d8 damage to one adjacent foe.
    • Spear/Lance combo: 1) attack twice, 2) attack twice, 3) attack twice.
    • Whip combo: 1) attack twice, 2) apply whip, then attack once 3) If using a force whip: lock the whip, then attack twice. If using another whip: apply whip, then attack once.
    • Any Lit Lightsaber: 1) attack twice or throw saber once 2) attack twice or throw saber once, then kick 3) jump, then attack twice or throw saber once.
    • Any other one-handed weapon: 1) Attack twice 2) Throw a weapon 3) Throw a weapon then attack once.
    • Any other two-handed weapon: 1) Attack the primary target twice and all neighboring squares once. 2) Kick the primary target, then attack the primary target twice and all neighboring squares once. 3) Throw a weapon then attack the primary target.