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Not to be confused with Kops.

Edderkops are a deceptively dangerous humanoid that can be encountered in dNetHack. Their shadow-based attacks ignore most forms of AC, meaning that they hit often and for high damage each time. Their ranged attack is also more dangerous than that of other monsters, as the shadow bolts appear in your square and therefore will never be blocked by another monster that happens to be in the edderkop's line of fire. Additionally, the shadow bolts leave behind a web trap in your square, potentially leaving you trapped. As they are capable of firing a bolt every turn, they will cheerfully sit back out of your reach and blast you to death with shadow bolts.

Edderkops, as the servants of the Black Web Entity, will fight with any drow they encounter. Edderkops tend to be able to defeat drow in these conflicts.

The name is derived from the archaic English word attercop, meaning spider.


  • Use powerful ranged attacks. It is best to kill edderkops from a distance, as their high damage melee attack is not mitigated by negative AC.
  • Wield Sting. Sting can be used to cut the webbing left by the shadow bolts, restoring your freedom of movement.
  • Read a scroll of earth. In a pinch, this scroll can be used to break line-of-sight from an Edderkop stun-locking you with shadow bolts.