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Grudge patch
Author Nephi
Download link
Bilious PatchDB 62

The Grudge Patch is a patch by Nephi that introduces new pre-programmed hostilities between certain monsters.

The Grudge Patch is written as a patch against vanilla and can be found wherever Nethack patches are collected.

Modified versions of the Grudge Patch have been incorporated into certain variants.


UnNetHack includes a modified version of the Grudge patch.

The added hostilities in UnNetHack are as follows:

  • Quest Leaders fight all monsters currently hostile to the player. Any monster currently hostile to the player will also be hostile to the Quest Leader.
  • All elves attack all orcs and kobolds on sight. All orcs and kobolds attack all elves on sight.
  • All angels attack all demons on sight. All demons attack all angels on sight.
  • All Nazgul attack all hobbits on sight. All hobbits attack all Nazgul on sight.
  • All Deep orcs attack all dwarves on sight. All dwarves attack all Deep orcs on sight.
  • Woodchucks will attack the Oracle on sight. The reverse is not true, but the Oracle does have both a passive defense and special behavior regarding Woodchucks, both predating this patch.
  • All ravens will attack all eye-shaped monsters (Floating eyes, evil eyes, beholders (beholders are currently deferred))
  • Dungeon ferns are hostile to everything, and everything is hostile to dungeon ferns.