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A pseudodragon, D, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. It is a carnivorous, dragon-like domestic animal that has flight and infravision, and can be seen via infravision.

A pseudodragon has a bite attack and a poisonous sting, and possesses poison resistance.

Eating a pseudodragon corpse or tin confers the aggravate monster intrinsic unless the character is an orc or Caveperson, similar to kittens and little dogs and their growth stages.


Pseudodragons are not generated randomly, though they are a valid form for normal polymorph. A pseudodragon can grow up into an elder pseudodragon. and an elder pseudodragon can grow up into an ancient pseudodragon.

Wizards start each game with a pseudodragon as their default pet, and they can also be generated via the spell of create familiar.

Encyclopedia entry

In the West the dragon was the natural enemy of man. Although
preferring to live in bleak and desolate regions, whenever it
was seen among men it left in its wake a trail of destruction
and disease. Yet any attempt to slay this beast was a perilous
undertaking. For the dragon's assailant had to contend
not only with clouds of sulphurous fumes pouring from its fire
breathing nostrils, but also with the thrashings of its tail,
the most deadly part of its serpent-like body.
[ Mythical Beasts by Deirdre Headon (The Leprechaun Library) ]

"One whom the dragons will speak with," he said, "that is a
dragonlord, or at least that is the center of the matter. It's
not a trick of mastering the dragons, as most people think.
Dragons have no masters. The question is always the same, with
a dragon: will he talk to you or will he eat you? If you can
count upon his doing the former, and not doing the latter, why
then you're a dragonlord."
[ The Tombs of Atuan, by Ursula K. Le Guin ]

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