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The giant bat, B, is a monster in NetHack. Its high speed and relatively damaging attack can take inexperienced players by surprise and contributes frequently to their deaths.

Normal bats become giant bats when they grow up.

Players polymorphed into giant bats are permanently stunned.

Eating the corpse

Eating a giant bat corpse will stun you for 60 turns.[1] Pets, however, may eat them without penalty.

Encyclopedia entry

A bat, flitting in the darkness outside, took the wrong turn
as it made its nightly rounds and came in through the window
which had been left healthfully open. It then proceeded to
circle the room in the aimless fat-headed fashion habitual
with bats, who are notoriously among the less intellectually
gifted of God's creatures. Show me a bat, says the old
proverb, and I will show you something that ought to be in
some kind of a home.
[ A Pelican at Blandings, by P. G. Wodehouse ]


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