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The eldritch ki-rin is a monster that appears in EvilHack. It is a "fallen" variant of the standard ki-rin, and thus cannot be tamed by lawful Knights.


Unlike normal ki-rin, eldritch ki-rin can generate in Gehennom.


The eldritch ki-rin is effectively an alternative to the standard ki-rin for chaotic Knights, who cannot tame them.

Encyclopedia Entry

The ki-rin is a strange-looking flying creature. It has
scales, a mane like a lion, a tail, hooves, and a horn. It
is brightly colored, and can usually be found flying in the
sky looking for good deeds to reward.

An eldritch ki-rin is one that started its celestial life as
a normal lawful ki-rin, and at some point lost its way and
started following a path of darkness. In nearly all aspects,
they are identical to their lawful brethren. The differences
are that their alignment is strongly chaotic, and their
appearance is extremely dark.

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