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The hobbit pickpocket, h, is a monster that appears in EvilHack. In versions prior to 0.7, they are known as hobbit rogues. They are similar to the "base" hobbit, but have an additional theft attack similar to that of monkeys, and may carry some of a rogue's trademark tools.


In addition to standard starting inventory, hobbit pickpockets have a chance to be generated with the following, as with regular hobbits: one of a dagger, a elven dagger, or a sling and some flint stones; a dwarvish cloak (110 chance); and a 110 chance for any armor they generate with to be made into mithril elven chain mail.[1] They will also receive some gold, with an additional 18 chance of receiving a lock pick and a separate 16 chance of getting a sack.[2]

Hobbit pickpockets may occasionally generate as peaceful towards a hobbit player, as well as any chaotic or unaligned player character.


Hobbit pickpockets are slightly tougher than the standard hobbit, and their chance to carry a sling and flint stones makes them somewhat dangerous for early game giants. However, they are not much more difficult to defeat - a giant in particular can easily flatten one with a thrown boulder.

Hobbit pickpockets are a good early source of unlocking tools and containers for most players.


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