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A hobbit pickpocket, h, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. In versions of EvilHack prior to 0.7, they are known as hobbit rogues.

A hobbit pickpocket is a small, omnivorous humanoid that is similar to the "base" hobbit. They have the same weapon attack as hobbits, along with a second weapon attack that can steal items similar to monkeys, and they may generate with some of a Rogue's trademark tools.


Hobbit pickpockets may occasionally generate as peaceful towards player hobbits, as well as any chaotic or unaligned player character.

Like regular hobbits, hobbit pickpockets have a chance of being generated with the following: one of a dagger, a elven dagger, or a sling and some flint stones. They also have a 110 chance of generating with a dwarvish cloak, and an independent 110 chance of generating with mithril elven chain mail. They will also receive some gold, with an additional 18 chance of receiving a lock pick and a separate 16 chance of getting a sack.


Hobbit pickpockets are slightly tougher than the standard hobbit, and their chance of carrying a sling and flint stones makes them somewhat dangerous for early game giants. However, they are not much more difficult to defeat - a giant in particular can easily flatten one with a thrown boulder.

Hobbit pickpockets are a good early source of unlocking tools, containers and even armor for most characters.