Half-dragon (starting race)

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Half-dragons are a new playable race in dNethack.


  • Half-dragons may be anachrononauts, archeologists, barbarians, binders, cavepeople, convicts, knights, monks, nobles, priests, rogues, rangers, samurais, troubadours or wizards.
  • Half-dragons have a random (excluding magic missile and disintegration) breath weapon. (fire, frost, lightning, acid, sleep, and poison gas)
    • costs 15 energy to use.
    • does not burn nutrition.
    • does not suffer from spell failure.
    • does (1+(XL/2))d6 damage.
  • Half-dragons are immune to their own breath weapon, providing the relevant permanent resistance.
    • Not immune to blindness "by the flash" caused by being hit with a lightning bolt
  • Half-dragons gain 1 bonus AC per 3 levels.
  • Half-dragons are slower than normal (base speed 8 instead of speed 12).
  • Half-dragons are counted as humans 'and' dragons for cannibalism and same-race sacrifice purposes.
  • Half-dragons gain intrinsic flying at 14th level. ("You feel wings sprout from your back!")
  • Half-dragons will start with a pet "tiny pseudodragon" instead of a dog/cat/pony, and the pseudodragon also shares the relevant breath attack/resistance.


Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Half-dragon 25 10 20 20 20 20