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Migo (or Mi-go) are a group of insect-like monsters, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, that appear in SLASH'EM (as insects) and dNetHack (as motile fungi).


There are 3 "migo" monsters in SLASH'EM: migo drone (a), migo warrior (a) and migo queen (a). The drones and warriors can be randomly generated, whereas the queens can only appear in migohives or from the summon insects spell. Unlike most a they are all able to pick up and use items such as scrolls, wands and potions.

Migo drone

A migo drone is the least dangerous of the migos. It does very little physical damage, although its sting is poisonous. It does appear in large groups, however, and thus may swarm the character. Still, it is not much of a threat even then, not being particularly fast or strong. Chatting with a tame or peaceful migo drone produces an unintentional YAFM: "The migo drone drones."

Migo warrior

A migo warrior is the next step up from a migo drone. They can be somewhat annoying to get rid of, owing to their relatively low AC and relatively high amount of hit points. They are not a huge threat though, as they do comparatively little damage for their level and appear only in small groups. They are, however, tougher than most a, and so can impede your movement if many appear from summon insects. A migo drone will grow up into a migo warrior at level 10, but a migo warrior cannot grow up into a migo queen.[1]

Migo queen

Migo queens are thankfully rarely seen, as they are not randomly generated and only appear in migohives. They have a sting which drains intelligence and causes amnesia in the manner of a mind flayer, as well as a bite which does a large amount of physical damage. When meeting these in hand-to-hand combat, a greased helmet or free action is advised.

Encyclopaedia entry

These strange beings are visitors from another realm. An unusual symbiotic relationship exists between the intelligent fungus and the insectoid form that comprises the bulk of its body. They are said to have access to great magical powers. Their queens have been known to steal human brains, taking them back to distant Yuggoth.
Migo are also known as the Fungi from Yuggoth.



dNetHack has 4 migo monsters, all of which appear randomly in the dungeon (but do not venture into Gehennom). Migo queens and philosophers are both capable of amnesia attacks. Migo are considered Fungi in dNetHack, rather than insects.

Also known as the Fungi from Yuggoth, the Mi-go are parasitic fungoid entities which inhabit pinkish, crustacean-like creatures. These creatures are the size of a man, and their bodies are composed of pyramided, fleshy rings. Where a head would normally be sits a convoluted ellipsoid, which in turn sprouts innumerable antennae: the true body of the parasite pushing through the cracked shell of its host. The hosts are about 5 feet (1.5 m) long, and their crustacean- like bodies bear numerous sets of paired appendages. They also possess a pair of membranous wings which are used to fly through the thin aether of outer space.

Migo worker

Migo workers are generated in groups and can tunnel, and therefore dig out dungeon levels quite quickly.

Migo workers carry valuable gems and rocks. They are never generated with worthless glass.

The Mi-go hail from trans-Neptunian space, but come to Earth to mine various rare substances not found in the environs of far Yuggoth. Mi-go workers bore through the dark, stealing the riches of the Earth from beneath the feet of its native sons and daughters.

Migo soldier

Migo soldiers are often generated carrying wands of lightning. These wands only contain a handful of charges, but can be of great use when combined with a means of charging. They are capable of wielding weapons.

The Mi-go ruthlessly defend their outposts against human intrusion. Mi-go soldiers are armed with mist projectors and bio-armor, and many also carry earthly weapons taken from past victims. Additionally, one in four Mi-go soldiers are equipped with the dreaded Mi-go Electric Gun.

Migo philosopher

Migo philosophers are quite deadly, as they are able to cast mage-type monster spells from range, and can drain large amounts of intelligence in melee.

Migo philosophers only appear as escorts for migo queens.

Mi-go Philosophers are masters of many branches of science and magic. Mi-go Philosophers are mainly interested in the inhabitants of earth as experimental subjects. In particular, humanoid brains are held in high regard when it comes to experimental fodder. Under normal circumstances a Philosopher will take its time while removing a brain - ensuring that the brain remains fully functional - but if it believes that it's in danger of losing the subject completely it can perform a partial decerebration in seconds. In addition to their surgical tools and magical texts, Philosophers carry improved mist projectors.

Migo queen

Migo queens are also quite deadly, able to cast priest-type monster spells from range, and can drain large amounts of intelligence in melee.

Migo queens are generated with large escorts of other migo types.

Mi-go Queens are powerful Philosophers who direct the efforts of the Mi-go. In addition, they are the reproductive units of the Mi-go race. They wear through host bodies at an increadible rate, consuming the flesh and organs of their host to support their numerous sporangia.


Migo come from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The SLASH'EM encyclopedia entry is an excerpt from Lovecraft's work. The correct spelling is actually Mi-go.

Mi-go are an extraterrestrial species, an insectoid-fungoid symbiont the size of men. The fungus is the intelligent partner. They are pinkish, with multiple pairs of limbs and a pair of membranous wings that they use to fly through the aether of outer space, not air. Their head, where the fungus partner reside, looks like an ellipsoid with multiple antennas.

Yuggoth, mentioned in the encyclopedia, is a colony of the Mi-go on an undiscovered outer planet in our solar system.

Mi-go can remove the brain of a human and put it in a "brain cylinder", hence the amnesia attack in the game.