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Summon insects is a clerical monster spell that can be used by monsters of level 9 or higher, and is therefore favored by aligned priests. When cast, many insects are created. If a are extinct or genocided, snakes, S, will be created instead. If snakes cannot be created either, nothing will be created. [1] The monsters created by this spell are hostile.[2]

Aligned priests are often located in the Sanctum and on the Astral Plane. At that point insects pose no danger to the player so it is actually helpful having the priests cast this spell as the insects act as a buffer between the player and the tougher monsters.

In SLASH'EM, due to the addition of many substantially tougher insects, this spell can be particularly troublesome, and may warrant a class genocide of a.


<Monster name> summons insects!
The Summon insects spell was cast.
<Monster name> summons insects around your displaced image / a spot near you!
The Summon insects spell was cast, and you have displacement / are invisible.
<Monster name> transforms a clump of sticks into snakes!
Snakes were created, because insects are all extinct or genocided.
<Monster name> casts at a clump of sticks, but nothing happens.
Both insects and snakes are extinct or genocided.

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