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Acid is a corrosive threat to you, your pet, your metal weapons and armor, your scrolls, and your enemies. It can come from monsters, comestibles, potions of acid ("This burns!"), and perhaps other sources. Resistance to acid is only conferred by being polymorphed into an acidic monster or wearing an alchemy smock, yellow dragon scale mail, or yellow dragon scales.

The following monsters are acidic:

Acidic monsters (including yourself, if polymorphed into one) dissolve webs instead of getting caught in them.[1]

All acidic monsters, with the exception of Juiblex, leave corpses that are acidic. Eating an acidic corpse does 1d15 damage unless you are acid resistant.[2]. Eating a tin of an acidic monster does no damage.

Drinking a potion of acid does 1-16 points of damage and abuses constitution if not acid resistant. [3]

Eating an acidic corpse, eating a tin of an acidic monster, or drinking a potion of acid cures stoning.