Yellow dragon scale mail

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[   yellow dragon scale mail   Yellow dragon scale mail.png
Appearance yellow dragon scale mail
Slot body armor
AC 9
Base price 900 zm
Weight 40
Material dragon hide

Yellow dragon scale mail is a type of dragon scale mail. It provides acid resistance. While acid resistance is one of three dragon resistances that cannot be obtained intrinsically (the other two being reflection and magic resistance), it is also by far the least useful. Monsters which do acid damage are somewhat rare, and none do very much damage.

Yellow dragon scale mail can be produced from yellow dragon scales, which might be dropped by a yellow dragon.

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You can get extrinsic stoning resistance by wearing yellow dragon scales or yellow dragon scale mail.


In SLASH'EM, acid damage is more of a threat in the mid- to late-game thanks to new types of jellies as well as the dreaded shoggoth and giant shoggoth. For this reason, a player with reflection, magic resistance, and drain resistance through other means may decide to opt for yellow dragon scale mail as a guard against powerful acid-attacking foes.


  • See Dragon scale mail for more detailed information on what makes dragon scale mail special and how to obtain it.

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