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Andromalius, the Repentant Rogue is a spirit that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack.

Ritual, seal and taboo

Andromalius's seal must contain any two of the following sets of items - in exchange for successfully binding him, the two objects will be removed from the game, with a third item on the list generated in their place:

To remain bound to Andromalius, a character must not steal directly from a shop or use any item considered stolen (including the Binder starting inventory).


A character bound to Andromalius has their facial features take on the rigidity of a bad disguise. Their odd face will not be noticed from a distance, and they can wear a mask or stay out of lit squares to disguise it.


While Andromalius is bound, he grants skill in daggers and protects a character from any form of theft attack: this include seduction-based theft, e.g. from nymphs and similar monsters, but not other types of seduction that do not normally steal items, e.g. from foocubi.

Andromalius's active powers are as follows:

  • Jester's Mirth: Immobilize a single adjacent monster with laughter, subject to a MR score check. A monster that passes the check will be frozen for 1 turn, and is otherwise immobilized for a duration based on the roll of that character's "spirit die" - this die's size is based on experience level and rank title: a character of XL 3-5 uses a d2, a character of XL 6-9 uses a d3, a character of XL 10-12 uses a d4, etc. While immobile, the target is vulnerable to sneak attacks.
  • Thief's Instincts: Detect hidden doors and traps.

His passive powers are as follows:

  • Detect Thieves: The character is warned of monsters with theft attacks.
  • Sneak attack: The character is capable of sneak attacks as though they were a Rogue.
  • Know Stolen: Any stolen items in the character's inventory are identified as such.

As a monster

In notdNetHack, Andromalius, @, also appears as a monster that can be summoned by an Illithanachronounbinder. He is a human that can be seen via infravision, and will pick up and collect items.

Andromalius has a weapon attack that teleports away worn armor, a paralyzing touch attack, and a second weapon attack that can steal items.

Like many summoned spirits, Andromalius cannot be tamed.


Andromalius is first generated when summoned from his seal by an Illithanachronounbinder. He is always created hostile, and is not a valid form for normal polymorph.

Andromalius is generated with a sack and a stack of 5-15 daggers.

Andromalius does not leave a corpse upon death.


Below this point, there are major spoilers for the Illithanachronounbinder role. They can be accessed by selecting the "Role spoiler" tab.

Andromalius moves at the same speed as an unhasted and unburdened character. In addition to using his daggers in melee and at range, he can also paralyze a character and teleport their armor away, which is a potentially deadly combination even if he cannot also steal items (i.e. from the effects of binding him). Ranged attacks are strongly recommended to deal with him.

If Andromalius is killed after being summoned, he can be encountered again in the Void, a branch accessed by opening the high altar of Ilsensine the Fallen as an Illithanachronounbinder using the invoke effect of The Elder Cerebral Fluid. Andromalius is generated along with many other spirits of the near void on the first floor of the branch, and is generated with the "whispers" template, which makes him nonliving.

Encyclopedia entry

There is a legend.

Once, there was a rogue, the favorite servant of the Thief God. With his dying breath, the rogue renounced theft, thereby stealing his soul from the God.