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Name mask
Appearance mask of <a monster>
Base price 80 zm
Weight 10
Material leather
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

A mask is a type of tool that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is made of leather.


Lillends are frequently generated with a set of several masks: the two lillends generated in the lair of Lamashtu at level creation are always given a specific set of masks, while those generated on the Elemental Planes are given the masks of appropriate "nasties" for that plane - all other lillends are generated with six random generic masks.

The Mask of Tlaloc is an artifact mask of a god.

Garo have a 1100 chance of dropping a garo mask on death.


In notdNetHack, The Stone Mask is an artifact mask of Shiro.


Applying a mask will put it on or remove it. Each mask is of a particular monster: if a character is polymorphed while wearing a mask, they will transform into that monster if it is a valid polymorph form, and will otherwise turn into a random monster as normal. Worn masks cover the face and take up the "eyes" slot, preventing the use of other similar items such as a pair of lenses.

Certain monsters that wear masks, such as lillends, can use the same attack routines as the monster depicted on their worn mask.


Worn masks can can be used to minimize damage from unexpected polymorph traps, and are often employed to hide marks from the character binding spirits such as Andromalius and Astaroth.

Lillends are among the most dangerous mask wearers due to their ability to copy the attacks of the depicted monster - the ones generated on Lamashtu's level may carry masks of even more deadly monsters such as sartan tannin or even Demogorgon.

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