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Demon Queen Lamashtu appears in dNethack. Very fast, gets multiple attacks in first. Her melee attacks consist of a level-draining bite (not affected my MC), a touch attack capable of teleporting pieces of armor off your body and to a random location on the map (also not affected by MC), and a touch attack capable of teleporting you to a random location on the level (which is affected by MC). Lamashtu can inflict a wide variety of deleterious effects including disease, hallucination, stunning, curse inventory items, destroy armor, touch of death, and punishment. Vulnerable to silver. Warps to you, and back to upstairs.

Lamashtu casts from both a 50% favored spell list and from a standard clerical monster spell list. Her favored spell list consists of summon angel, summon devil, summon alien, nightmare, filth, curse items, death touch, and evil eye.


Here is a [ttyrec example] in which Lamashtu is taken down.

Some tactical suggestions after watching Tariru's game from 2015-05-02:

  1. Don't bother with armour -- you'll just lose it. Instead, go for maximum protection. Naked AC of -21 was observed.
  2. Curse your weapon and any rings not in the weapon hand -- that will stop them from falling off in the filth.
  3. Upwards of 500HP is a good idea.
  4. A stack of potions of full healing, individually named, is a good idea -- this minimises the chance of losing them all to dilution from filth and exposure from acid; full healing will clear illness, hallucination and confusion.
  5. Teleport control is helpful. Park on the upstairs at least one level higher from Lamashtu's.
  6. Be very fast with extra speed. Lamashtu will still always get the first hit in.
  7. Some form of escape is needed -- e.g. cursed scroll of teleportation, or branch- or level-port artefact such as The Silver Key.
  8. A stethoscope is handy.
  9. The Garnet Rod was helpful in one game for its timestop ability.
  10. Lamashtu does not fully respect any ward. She will respect the following wards 1/3 of the time: Fully reinforced (seven-lobed) elder elemental eye, Pentagram, Hexagram, and Heptagram. She will also respect a scroll of scare monster 1/3 of the time. She will respect a Gorgoneion ward 2/3 of the time, though the base success rate of a Gorgoneion ward depends on the reinforcement (reaching 99% at 3 levels of reinforcement (trio of Gorgoneia)). Notably, a space may contain both a scroll of scare monster and a ward, acting independently. As a priestly spellcaster, however, Lamashtu may be able to cast the Flame Strike monster spell, which destroys flammable items at your feet, such as scrolls of scare monster.