Scroll of teleportation

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Name teleportation
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 5
Ink to write 10-19
Monster use May be used defensively by monsters.

A scroll of teleportation can be used for teleporting. According to the spoiler scrl-343.txt, its cost is 100 zm and relative probability 7%. It takes between 10 and 19 charges (inclusive) for a magic marker to write one.

If the scroll is blessed, you will be asked whether you want to teleport. If the scroll is not cursed, you will teleport to a location within the same level you currently are. In case of a cursed scroll, you will be teleported to another level. If you have teleport control, you will always be asked where you want to be teleported. Otherwise, the teleport is uncontrolled and your new location will be chosen randomly. All "safe" places on your current level are equally likely; see level teleport for uncontrolled levelporting.

If you read a scroll of teleportation while confused, with teleport control, you can level teleport and pick the level; however, there is still a chance dependent on Luck that the teleport may be random.[1] Having at least +11 luck will allow you succeed about 98% of the time.

This scroll is the only scroll that will be generated in a closet, making it somewhat easier to identify. If there are multiple items in a closet, the top one is this scroll.

The Amulet of Yendor has an effect on using scrolls of teleportation. If you are carrying it, there is a 1/3 chance that nothing happens and "You feel disoriented for a moment." This always happens if you attempt to levelport while carrying the Amulet. If you try to teleport on a no-teleport level such as Sokoban, you will instead get the message "A mysterious force prevents you from teleporting". This difference is important, because if you "feel disoriented", you might just try again to teleport, but if it is a "mysterious force", you would just waste scrolls.

Monster use

Monsters will use scrolls of teleportation to escape. [2] If the teleportation fails, the scroll won't be identified for you, but you will still see the usual teleportation-failure messages "<monster> shudders for a moment" (teleported to the same level) and "<monster> seems very disoriented for a moment" (teleport blocked by the Amulet).[3]

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In SLASH'EM, a blessed scroll of teleportation allows you to choose where to teleport, even if you do not have teleport control. (Actually it gives you teleport control intristic for one whole turn, so if you're quick enough, you can use blessed and cursed scrolls in sequence for controlled levelport.)

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