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Weldproof is a property that appears in some variants of NetHack. It is applied to both player characters and monsters, and allows them to freely put on and unequip cursed items without them sticking to their person.


In dNetHack, characters that have a base race of vampire and android characters (i.e. they are not polymorphed into one) are weldproof, as are Binders that have Acererak bound, characters with lycanthropy, and characters polymorphed into a demon or any undead creature.

For monsters, all undead creatures, all demons, all werecreatures, all Great Old Ones, and Daughters of Naunet are weldproof.

A cursed straitjacket will ignore the wearer's weldproofed status, as it sticks to itself rather than to the wearer.


In notdNetHack, in addition to all dNetHack changes, willow Ents are weldproof.


In EvilHack, all Infidels are weldproofed.

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