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Vomiting or nausea is a status affliction caused by eating

After a while, it will cause you to become confused, then stunned, and finally vomit and lose 20 points of nutrition.[1] The final act of vomiting leaves you helpless for 2 turns, and actually cures food poisoning, though you cannot count on vomiting before you die: vomiting takes 14 turns, while food poisoning will kill you in 10 + 1d9 turns.

If you are polymorphed into a rat, you cannot vomit, but are still helpless for 2 turns. [2]

A few uses of a unicorn horn, casting cure sickness[3][4] or a eucalyptus leaf will cure the condition (and let you keep the nutrition).

When you are nauseated, you abuse constitution once in every 5 turns (3 times in total).[5]


You receive the following messages:[6]

You are feeling mildly nauseated.
You are nauseated for 14 more turns.
You feel slightly confused.
You are nauseated for 11 more turns. You actually become confused for 2d4 (more) turns when the timeout reaches 8, then 6 turns.
You can't seem to think straight.
You are nauseated for 8 more turns. You actually become stunned for 2d4 (more) turns when the timeout reaches 6 turns.
You feel incredibly sick.
You are nauseated for 5 more turns.
You are about to vomit.
You are nauseated for 2 more turns.
You are about to hurl.
You are nauseated for 2 more turns while hallucinating.
You vomit!
You vomit, leaving you helpless for 2 turns.
You hurl chunks!
You vomit while hallucinating.
Your [stomach] heaves convulsively!
You vomit while hungry to the point of fainting already. This still cures food poisoning.
Your jaw gapes convulsively.
You are polymorphed into a creature that cannot vomit.


In SporkHack, drinking a glass of salt water can also make you vomit.


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