NetHack 3.6.2

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NetHack 3.6.2 is the anticipated 32nd public release of NetHack. It is currently in development and has been since the release of NetHack 3.6.1 in April 2018. So far, it has been primarily a number of bug fixes for NetHack 3.6.1 with minimal gameplay or interface changes.


NetHack 3.6.2 is incomplete, and no official binaries are available. However, continuing the practice from 3.6.1, the Git repository of the source code is available to browse on GitHub. From this repository, anyone can download and build a copy of 3.6.2.

The Hardfought build (3.6.2-HDF) incorporates updates from the current development branch of 3.6.2 (last build Mon Mar 25 13:11:13 2019 UTC - git commit 77425f6). SpliceHack and xNetHack also continue to incorporate the new fixes and updates.

Significant changes

This list may be outdated by new changes; the documented list of changes is visible here.

New features

  • Orcish characters can no longer start with lembas or cram rations as their random food items.
  • Vault guards now carry cursed tin whistles, so that the "shrill whistling sound" an escaping player hears has a source.
  • Eating spinach while having sustain ability no longer makes you feel like Popeye.
  • Gold created with a grave is now buried under the grave instead of left on top of it.
  • Several tweaks to status hilites, including full support of <= and >= operators. < and > now mean "strictly less than" and "strictly greater than", which they did not previously.
  • Curses window-port added for Windows, Mac and UNIX.

Bug fixes

  • Game no longer complains about the config file not ending in a newline, and will actually parse the last line.
  • Make the spells of healing and extra healing consistent when cast at monsters.
  • Make petrified and random statues behave consistently when stone-to-fleshed.
  • Verbal messages for charming and seduction no longer print while the character is deaf.
  • The #turn command, if it aggravated monsters, no longer takes zero turns.
  • A number of fixes to address lag and performance problems in the Windows tty port.