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% Tripe ration.png
Name tripe ration
Base price 15 zm
Nutrition 200
Turns to eat 2
Weight 10
Conduct meat

The tripe ration is a comestible item that appears in NetHack.


Tripe rations have the second-highest random generation probability of all comestibles after food rations; 14% of random comestibles will be tripe rations.


When eaten, tripe rations provide 200 nutrition, but also have a 50% chance of giving you nausea unless you are a Caveman, an orc or a non-humanoid carnivorous monster (e.g. a canine through lycanthropy);[1] in those forms, you can eat it as a normal food.

A tripe ration is considered a treat for carnivorous pets (like dogs and cats), and increases the pet's apport when fed to them. Throwing tripe to a hostile or peaceful cat or dog will tame it, as will other forms of meat save for corpses; carrying a tripe ration in your main inventory will make a carnivorous pet stick around closer to you. In previous versions of the game, throwing a tripe ration (or any other meat) to a hostile horse will make the horse peaceful, even though the horse will not eat it (and the tripe can be safely retrieved); this no longer applies, and the horse will remain hostile.


Tripe rations are primarily useful in the early game for pacifying or taming hostile domestic animals that can otherwise do serious damage, allowing you to preserve more dependable sources of nutrition. Tame cats and dogs will attempt to devour a tripe ration on sight, however; try to grab any tripe you see lying around quickly before your pet can get to it.

Allowing your pet to eat tripe that you've recently handled raises apport, making the pet more likely to pick up items; this is primarily used to steal from early shops, especially when money is scarce. Entering a shop that has tripe before your pet does can be useful; even if you don't have the money to buy the tripe, you can still pick it up and drop it, and it will count for apport.

Later on, keeping one tripe ration in your inventory can still be useful for enticing your pet to stick close by. Additionally, like eggs, tripe can be useful as a source of confusion for reading scrolls.

Non-orcish pacifists can use tripe to regain a recently drained level.


That tripe ration was surprisingly good!
You ate a tripe ration as a carnivorous non-humanoid.
Mmm, tripe... not bad!
As an orc.
Tastes great! Less filling!
As an orc, while hallucinating.
Yak - dog food!
Otherwise. You gain 1 experience point, and (unless you are a Caveman) you have a 50% chance of being confused, stunned, and vomiting for 1d14 turns.[2]

Encyclopedia entry

If you start from scratch, cooking tripe is a long-drawn-out
affair. Fresh whole tripe calls for a minimum of 12 hours of
cooking, some time-honored recipes demanding as much as 24.
To prepare fresh tripe, trim if necessary. Wash it thoroughly,
soaking overnight, and blanch, for 1/2 hour in salted water.
Wash well again, drain and cut for cooking. When cooked, the
texture of tripe should be like that of soft gristle. More
often, alas, because the heat has not been kept low enough,
it has the consistency of wet shoe leather.

[ Joy of Cooking, by I Rombauer and M Becker ]


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