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% Carrot.png
Name carrot
Base price 7 zm
Nutrition 50
Turns to eat 1
Weight 2
Conduct vegan

A carrot is a vegan food item worth 50 nutrition points. They are permafood and can be used to cure blindness.


Knights start the game with 10-20 uncursed carrots.


You can eat a carrot to cure blindness (except from a cream pie).[1] A pet can also eat a carrot to cure blindness.[2] You can use a carrot as a treat for training an herbivorous pet such as a horse. Non-herbivorous pets also consider a carrot a treat if they are blind.[3]


The use of carrots to cure blindness originates from the real life rumor that the vitamin A in carrots helps improve your vision, which classifies as a false legend.[4]


Knights should not eat their starting carrots on a whim. Because of the relative shortage of vegetarian food, the carrots may prove essential for feeding their pet horse.

Encyclopedia entry

In World War II, Britain's air ministry spread the word that
a diet of these vegetables helped pilots see Nazi bombers
attacking at night. That was a lie intended to cover the real
matter of what was underpinning the Royal Air Force's successes:
Airborne Interception Radar, also known as AI. ... British
Intelligence didn't want the Germans to find out about the
superior new technology helping protect the nation, so they
created a rumor to afford a somewhat plausible-sounding
explanation for the sudden increase in bombers being shot down.
... The disinformation was so persuasive that the English public
took to eating carrots to help them find their way during the

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