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A rabbit, r, is a type of monster that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. It is an herbivorous, domestic rodent that can be tamed with carrots, and shares a glyph with the rabid rabbit.

A rabbit has a single bite attack.


Rabbits are always generated hostile, and will not be randomly generated in Gehennom.

Rabbits appear among the random r that are part of the first quest monster class for Yeomen and make up 24175 of the monsters randomly generated on the Yeoman quest.


Rabbits are likely to be among the first monsters the hero will encounter, with a similar role to the fox in vanilla NetHack: their higher speed of 15 can make their bites somewhat dangerous to starting characters. Thankfully, most roles and their starting pets are properly equipped to make quick work of rabbits.


The rabbit first appears in NetHack-- 3.1.3.


Rabbits, also known as bunnies or bunny rabbits, are small mammals in the family Leporidae (which also contains the hares) of the order Lagomorpha (which also contains the pikas). The European rabbit, which has been introduced on every continent except Antarctica, is familiar throughout the world as a wild prey animal and as a domesticated form of livestock and pet; the species and its descendants make up the world's 305 breeds of domestic rabbit. Although once considered rodents, lagomorphs like rabbits have been discovered to have diverged separately and earlier than their rodent cousins and have a number of traits rodents lack, like two extra incisors.