Potion of restore ability

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! Pink potion.png
Name potion of restore ability
Appearance random
Base price 100 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

Quaffing effects

Case Effect[1]
blessed Restores all lost statistics to their previous maximum amount.
uncursed Restores one random lost statistic to its previous maximum amount.
cursed No effect.

If the potion hits a monster, it is restored to maximum hit points.

If you breathe its vapors, the effects are as for quaffing.


Message Reason
"Wow! This makes you feel great!" The potion was blessed
"Wow! This makes you feel better!" The potion was blessed, but there are still other things wrong with you
"Wow! This makes you feel good!" The potion was uncursed
"Ulch! This makes you feel mediocre!" The potion was cursed
"<monster> looks sound and hale again." The potion hit <monster>
"Ulch! That potion smells terrible!" You inhaled the vapors of the cursed potion
"Your eyes sting." You would have inhaled the vapors of the cursed potion, but are breathless


This potion is completely safe to quaff, even if the BUC status is unknown.


The effects of this potion are completely superseded by a unicorn horn, the only difference being that this potion is 100% reliable, whereas even a blessed unicorn horn has a chance of doing nothing. It is a prime candidate for dilution.


As unicorn horns cannot be used to restore lost attribute points in UnNetHack, potions of restore ability are much more important.


In SLASH'EM, the potion of restore ability has an important new use: magical polymorphing is usually temporary, and items and monsters will revert to their original form with time. If you dip a polymorphed item into a potion of restore ability, its new form will be "fixed" and become permanent.