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"How does the game decide whether or not to create a monster in the first place? And where to place it?"

The normal mechanism of monster creation, responsible for the vast majority of monsters in NetHack, is used when the game wants to create an unspecified opponent of adequate difficulty for the player.

Monster Generation occurs when (1) the level is created and (2) at the end of each turn.

  • For level creation:
    • In normal room-and-corridor levels, there is a 33% chance of generating a monster (or group) per room
    • In mazes, there is a 33% chance of generating 7-11 monsters + 0-2 minotaurs
  • At the end of each turn, the possibility of creating a monster depends on the following: [1]
    • If the demigod flag is set (killed the Wizard or performed the Invocation), monster generation happens with probability 1/25 (4%).
    • Otherwise, if the player is in Gehenmon, monster generation happens with probability 1/50 (2%).
    • Otherwise, monster generation happens with probability 1/70.

When this occurs, each eligible monster has a probability equal to its effective monster frequency divided by the sum of the monster frequencies of every eligible monster. This may be thought of as generating a list of all such monsters with each appearing as many times as its frequency, and then choosing at random hence. A monster is eligible if it:

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