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spellbook of
+   create monster   Light green spellbook.png
Appearance random
Abundance 3.56%
Base price 200 zm
Weight 50
Turns to read 3
Ink to write 10–19
Spell type clerical
Level 2
Power cost 10 Pw
Direction non-directional
Equivalent scroll of create monster
wand of create monster

Allows you to learn the create monster spell. Casting this spell has the same effect as reading an uncursed scroll of create monster; it has a 72/73 chance of creating a single monster, and a 1/73 chance of creating 2-5 monsters. The monsters will almost always have a difficulty level at or below your current level. A group of monsters normally generated in groups (such as orcs or ants) will count as a single monster for the purposes of this spell, so it is occasionally possible that many more than 5 monsters will be generated.


An extinctionist wizard has filled an entire level with monsters by repeatedly casting create monster.

Create monster is a very useful utility spell.

  • By far the most common use is to create monsters for sacrificing. As you can generate an unlimited number of corpses to sacrifice (although you may have to wait for your power to recover in the middle), you can make yourself extremely lucky, and receive weapons or favors.
  • It mostly removes the threat of death by starvation; summoned monsters may leave corpses, allowing you to cast the spell to generate food (although it still requires nutrition to cast if you do not have hungerless casting, and generated monsters are not guaranteed to leave corpses, so you should not wait until you are weak before trying this). You can also create a corpse to feed or tame a pet this way.
  • In the same vein, summoned monsters' corpses will also grant intrinsics. Thus the spell can be farmed for useful corpses, like giants, wraiths, lizards, black dragons, floating eyes, and tengu, as well as for other monsters that grant an intrinsic you do not yet have. However, note that it may take a lot of farming to generate the corpse that you want.
  • They can be farmed for XP and/or items: for instance, to reach level 14 just before the quest level, or to generate elves for their elven leather helms.
  • This is the central spell for extinctionist players, as it is by far the most reliable method to create large amounts of monsters for the challenge.

The one downside is that, since spells cannot be cast while confused, you cannot use this spell to create hordes of acid blobs as you can with the scroll of create monster.

If you plan on using this spell heavily, account for the fact that it may generate up to 5 monsters immediately next to you, which is potentially very dangerous and can result in YASD. Thus, always have a backup plan (a wand of teleportation or scroll of teleportation being the best choices), and if you are planning to farm in place, be sure to burn Elbereth before continuing.

Also, if you have pets, be careful of any doppelgangers or chameleons, which will change your pet in an undesirable way if they eat their corpses. This is not a problem if they do not eat corpses (ae. are vegetarian or do not eat). Also watch out for monsters with dangerous passive attacks, which a may kill a pet you can kill them.

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