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Demigod, or u.uevent.udemigod, is a flag used by the game to indicate that a player has killed the Wizard of Yendor at least once or performed the Invocation. Some behaviors change when the flag is set:

  • Shopkeepers will refer to him or her as "most gracious," "esteemed," or "most renowned and sacred" before "sir" or "lady" (or "creature").
  • Gods are harder to please. Specifically, prayer timeout is increased by roughly a factor of three, the same effect as being crowned (although being a demigod and crowning will stack for the purposes of prayer timeout).
  • Monster generation increases.
  • The Wizard of Yendor will start harassing you until you reach the Astral Plane.

This flag is unrelated to the act of becoming a demigod upon ascension, at which point the game is over and the player's state is moot.

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