Yuki-onna (starting race)

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For the monster, see Yuki-onna (dNetHack).

The yuki-onna is a playable race that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. Yuki-onna are a form of female nymph that is fey and cold-elemental.

Racial benefits and restrictions

Due to being nymphs, yuki-onna are immune to the seduction effects of other nymphs. They start with intrinsic cold resistance, and gain intrinsic fire resistance at level 11.

Yuki-onna are capable of removing heavy iron balls by picking the iron chain attached to them loose with the the #monster command, much like a character in a nymph polyself form. Yuki-onna have a passive cold attack, and can use their nymph theft attack on enemies by attacking unarmed. However, they have low HP, and as fey beings are vulnerable to objects made of iron.

Yuki-onna that would start with iron armor are given non-iron replacements: this substitution currently only applies to ring mail, which is replaced with studded leather armor, but yuki-onna are not eligible to play as Barbarians, which are the only role that start with ring mail.

Attribute caps

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Yuki-onna 16 20 14 18 18 20

Yuki-onna are quite dexterous and capable in terms of mental stats, but are physically very frail. As a nymph, a yuki-onna character's charisma is always treated as 18 if their actual charisma is lower than 18.


In dNetHack, yuki-onna can be of any alignment, and can play as a Binder, Convict, Healer, Madwoman, Monk, Samurai, Troubadour, or Valkyrie.

Yuki-onna gain a significant reduction in failure rate for the spell of charm monster.

Yuki-onna Madwomen use Japanese names for some items, the same as for Samurai.

Starting equipment

Yuki-onna characters begin the game with knowledge of the randomized appearance for the potion of object detection, which nymphs are typically generated with.


In notdNetHack, yuki-onna can be of any alignment, and can play as any role from dNetHack as well as the Illithanachronounbinder.

In addition to their dNetHack traits, yuki-onna have a snow cloud form that they can polymorph into and return to normal form from at will; this ability is blocked by protection from shape changers. While in snow cloud form, they possess a cold touch, a cold engulfing attack, and a passive cold attack; snow cloud yuki-onna cannot wear armor, hold weapons or perform any action requiring hands, but gain regeneration, catsight, sleep resistance, poison resistance, and sickness resistance. The yuki-onna's charisma boost does not apply to the snow cloud form, which is a vortex.

Starting equipment

As in dNetHack, yuki-onna characters begin the game knowing the appearance of the potion of object detection. Yuki-onna Madwomen start with a worn cursed ring of protection from shape changers, which they cannot remove without first getting rid of their straitjacket.