Yuki-onna (dNetHack)

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For the playable race, see Yuki-onna (starting race).

A yuki-onna, n, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. The yuki-onna is a cold-elemental nymph that is omnivorous, has infravision, can be seen via infravision, and will seek out items to collect like most nymphs. Yuki-onna do not teleport randomly while moving, unlike most nymphs.

A yuki-onna has a weapon attack, a cold touch attack, an item-stealing seduction attack, and a passive cold attack. Yuki-onna possess cold resistance.

Eating a yuki-onna corpse or tin conveys temporary cold resistance.


Randomly-generated yuki-onna are always created hostile, and will not be created in Gehennom.

Yuki-onna zombies can be randomly generated in the Anachrononaut quest.

Lillends generated on the Plane of Air and the Astral Plane may generate with yuki-onna masks.

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