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Lillends are generated with six masks in their inventory, and may substitute the attacks of the creature shown on a mask for their natural attack routine. Additionally, their songs buff nearby monsters.

A lillend has the torso, arms, and head of a comely man or woman,
but also has broad, powerful, feathered wings and a stout
serpentine body from the waist downwards. Though the humanlike
portions of a lillend are of unremarkable hue, the feathered and
scaled parts of its anatomy are brightly colored and strikingly
patterned. Each individual has its own unique color combination
and is quite proud of it. A lillend wears no clothing but
sometimes wears jewelry. It always carries weapons and musical

Lillendi social status depends on a simple system of initiations
into mysteries and the ownership of certain totem masks. The
mysteries are akin to secret societies, and each mystery is a
specific kernel of wisdom passed on from one generation to the
next. The more societies a lillend is a member of, the greater
her status. Each society is devoted to particular musical forms,
songs, instruments, and weapons, so a group of lillendi usually
uses the same instruments, weaponry, and spells.

The masks are tangentially related to the societies, since each
mask design belongs to a specific family, and long ago each
family lived in a single lodge and wore a single type of mask.
Things have gotten a little more complicated since then, but the
masks still roughly indicate status and family affiliations.

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