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Garo are a member of the ghost monster class, added in dNetHack and SlashTHEM. To differentiate between different members of this class, the ASCII tile for the class has been changed to . (a period).


Regular garo start with two stilettos and have a 25% chance of carrying shurikens. When they die, they divulge a rumor and then explode for 4d4 damage. The rumor is true 75% of the time. Garo have a 1% chance of leaving a garo mask behind after death.

"That is the ghost of a ninja. Its scientific name is Garo
Robe. They are merely shells that are empty on the inside.
They're the shells of spies from an enemy nation sent to
investigate Ikana. They have been unable to forget their
living days. Even now their spirits--emptiness cloaked in
darkness--continue to spy."

[ Pamela's Father, Majora's Mask ]

Garo master

Only one garo master will be generated. It carries shurikens and two cursed stilettos. When it dies, it divulges a single major consultation, then explodes for 4d8 damage. This major consultation does not interfere with XP gains from consulting with the Oracle. It is guaranteed to leave behind a garo master mask after death.

Leader of the ninja that came from points unknown to spy on
the Kingdom of Ikana. This master spy has uncovered secrets
greater and more dangerous than those found by lesser garo.


Garo come from the Legend of Zelda series. They are opponents in Majora's Mask.


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