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Rank is your character's title; each role has nine ranks, and they show the progression of your character's experience in a more natural way than the experience level. The main example is when your Quest Leader examines your rank (rather than experience level) before admitting you on the Quest.

Rank is shown on the first status line, right after your character's name.

Role Starting Rank (XL 1-2) Rank 2 (XL 3-5) Rank 3 (XL 6-9) Rank 4 (XL 10-13) Quest Requirement (XL 14-17) Rank 6 (XL 18-21) Rank 7 (XL 22-25) Rank 8 (XL 26-29) Max Rank (XL 30)
Archeologist Digger Field Worker Investigator Exhumer Excavator Spelunker Speleologist Collector Curator
Barbarian Plunderer (Plunderess) Pillager Bandit Brigand Raider Reaver Slayer Chieftain (Chieftainess) Conqueror (Conqueress)
Caveman Troglodyte Aborigine Wanderer Vagrant Wayfarer Roamer Nomad Rover Pioneer
Healer Rhizotomist Empiric Embalmer Dresser Medicus (Medica) ossium Herbalist Magister (Magistra) Physician Chirurgeon
Knight Gallant Esquire Bachelor Sergeant Knight Banneret Chevalier (Chevaliere) Seignieur (Dame) Paladin
Monk Candidate Novice Initiate Student of Stones Student of Waters Student of Metals Student of Winds Student of Fire Master
Priest Aspirant Acolyte Adept Priest (Priestess) Curate Canon (Canoness) Lama Patriarch (Matriarch) High Priest (Priestess)
Ranger Tenderfoot Lookout Trailblazer Reconnoiterer (Reconnoiteress) Scout Arbalester Archer Sharpshooter Marksman (Markswoman)
Rogue Footpad Cutpurse Rogue Pilferer Robber Burglar Filcher Magsman (Magswoman) Thief
Samurai Hatamoto Ronin Ninja (Kunoichi) Joshu Ryoshu Kokushu Daimyo Kuge Shogun
Tourist Rambler Sightseer Excursionist Peregrinator (Peregrinatrix) Traveler Journeyer Voyager Explorer Adventurer
Valkyrie Stripling Skirmisher Fighter (Wo)man-at-arms Warrior Swashbuckler Hero(ine) Champion Lady (Lord)
Wizard Evoker Conjurer Thaumaturge Magician Enchanter (Enchantress) Sorcerer (Sorceress) Necromancer Wizard Mage

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