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This article is about the terrain type. For the lawful god in the ice mage pantheon in SLASH'EM, see Air (god).

Air is a terrain type that only appears on the Plane of Air and in the form of bubbles on the Plane of Water. It is extremely hard to move on unless you are levitating or flying, and attempting to move otherwise may cause you to tumble. However, it is still possible to move across air by hurtling due to Newton's Third Law; in other words, by throwing things in the direction opposite of the one you want to move in. Beware, this will freeze you for one turn per square travelled.

The same ASCII glyph ( ) can also represent solid stone.


You can't write in thin air!
You attempted to engrave on air, which is impossible.
Having fun sitting on the air?
You attempted to sit in air, on the Plane of Air.
There are no cushions floating nearby.
You attempted to sit in air, on the Plane of Water.


In the Jedi patch for SLASH'EM, air appears on the home level for the Jedi quest.

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