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Solid rock is a terrain type that makes up the unneeded space in the dungeon. It is possible to dig through one square of solid rock with a pickaxe or mattock, and several squares with a wand or spell of digging. Tunneling monsters can also dig through solid rock, although some need picks in order to do so. Monsters will only ever use wands of digging to escape down a floor; they will never dig horizontally with one.

Most solid rock can be dug through, however the solid rock which borders the edge of the map cannot. This is to prevent needless digging of the map. Digging the edge of the map in the main dungeon will typically produce a message saying "This wall is too hard to dig into." If trying to dig outside of the screen, "Clash!" will instead be given[1].

Once removed, solid rock cannot be reformed. The only alternatives are moving boulders around and possibly creating doors with the wand or spell of locking.


Main article: Phasing

There are certain monsters which have the ability to phase through rock, such as xorns, earth elementals, ghosts, and shades.

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