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A frost salamander, :, is a monster that appears in EvilHack. It is an icy counterpart to the standard salamander, and only resides in cold areas. Similar to their fiery counterparts, frost salamanders can wear all armor except boots and wield weapons.

Eating a frost salamander's corpse conveys a high percentage of cold resistance.


Frost salamanders are only randomly generated in the Ice Queen's Realm.


While frost salamanders are incapable of drowning you like their fiery cousins, their strong attacks and cold damage can prove perilous for the unprepared. A simple approach to disposing of frost salamanders is drowning them by melting the ice from underneath them - similar to normal salamanders and lava, frost salamanders will stay on ice tiles whenever possible. Most fire sources - a fire horn, wand of fire, or even a scroll of fire (preferably blessed) - are acceptable for this; even if you do not opt to drown them, frost salamanders are vulnerable to fire attacks as well.

If you entered the Ice Queen's Realm without full intrinsic cold resistance, frost salamander corpses are a good source of the property.

Encyclopedia entry

For hundreds of years, many people believed that salamanders were magical. In England in the Middle Ages, people thought that fire created salamanders. When they set fire to damp logs, dozens of the slimy creatures scurried out. The word salamander, in fact, comes from a Greek word meaning "fire animal".

[ Salamanders, by Cherie Winner ]
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