Lizard (monster class)

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The lizard monster class contains monsters represented by the symbol :. It is not to be confused with the monster known as the lizard, which is a member of this class.

The lizard monster class consists of:


Most early lizards are unremarkable and easy to handle, including the lizard itself. Of the few that can actually trouble players, the chameleon's difficulty is entirely dependent on what it shapeshifts into, and it is fairly likely you may encounter it in an easy-to-dispatch form; the salamander, conversely, does not even appear in a game normally until Gehennom.


"Lizard" is a category that includes all form of non-snake reptiles and amphibians, both mundane and fantastic. While the chameleon and salamander are named for real-world animals, the former is portrayed in a much more fantastic fashion, and the latter is based on a monster from Dungeons & Dragons. With the exception of the salamander, all lizards are classified as animals.


In xNetHack, version 3.0 previously changed the glyph for this monster class to l (lowercase L) to avoid using a punctuation glyph; leprechauns were merged into the ​i imp or minor demon class. This was reverted in version 6.0.[1]