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A queen ant, a, is a type monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. The queen ant is a rare type of oviparous thick-skinned insect that is a prince to her kind.

A queen ant has a strong bite attack and a and poisonous sting, and possesses poison resistance.

A queen ant is poisonous to eat, but eating a queen corpse or tin confers 120 additional poison resistance.


Queen ants are not randomly generated, and are always created hostile.

A solitary queen ant is generated in an anthole at level creation, where she is guarded by the rest of the ants within.


Queen ants have the typical high speed associated with Team Ant, moving twice as fast as normal characters and possessing two decently-damaging attacks. They lack monster magic resistance of any kind, but players looking to take advantage must hit through a solid AC of -8.

Encyclopedia entry

This giant variety of the ordinary ant will fight just as
fiercely as its small, distant cousin. Various varieties
exist, and they are known and feared for their relentless
persecution of their victims.

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