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A dumplog is a text file that records much of the game state at the end of a game. Things generally recorded in a dumplog include:

  • The game version, start time, and end time.
  • What was shown on the screen when the game ended.
  • The last messages.
  • The fully identified inventory. (Some dumplog implementations might additionally provide what the player knew about them at the time.)
  • The player's attributes.
  • The lists of vanquished creatures, genocides, and extinctions.
  • The conducts the player followed.
  • The dungeon overview (in 3.6.1 and beyond).
  • In some implementations, if the player died, their tombstone.
  • The computation of the player's score.

Dumplogs support was introduced natively in NetHack 3.6.1, but needs to be enabled in sysconf.

NetHack 3.6.0 and prior versions do not produce a dumplog, unless the game is patched (which many public servers do). A player using tty can cut and paste off the screen if they really want to.

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