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A mind flayer larva, ;, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. A mind flayer larva is a tiny, slithy and limbless sea monster-like larval illithid - it is omnivorous, amphibious, capable of swimming, has infravision, and can be seen via infravision.

A mind flayer larva has a tentacle attack that can attach itself to a target's face - if left attached this way, the larva will burrow into the victim's brain on the next turn and kill them instantly. Mind flayer larvae possess psychic resistance.


Mind flayer larvae are not randomly generated, and are always created hostile.

Sixteen mind flayers are placed in the cells of the Wizard quest goal level at level creation.

Mind flayer larvae generate in mind flayer nurseries, which can appear on dungeon level 20 and below.

Player characters killed by a mind flayer larva's tentacle attack will arise as a mind flayer instead of a ghost if a bones file is left.


While relatively weak in terms of stats and incapable of moving outside the shallow water they generate in, the mind flayer larva's sole attack can quickly end a character's run unless they can be killed or removed.

Encyclopedia entry

Mind flayer larva are only ever found in mind flayer nurseries, tended to by an adult mind flayer. Relatively weak, they exist in shallow pools of water and will not venture from them. They have one attack, which is to attempt to attach itself to its victims face. If successful, the victim has only moments to kill or remove the mind flayer larva from its face. If not removed in time, the mind flayer larva burrows itself into its victims brain, killing them instantly. The larva controls the host body, feeding off of it and eventually growing into a full-grown mind flayer.